Never out-OF-DATE


    By Pastor Seong Cho


I bought a computer for $2200. It came with a black & white monitor, 2 floppy drives, and without a hard drive. It was called an IBM PC XT. That was in 1985. It’s considered an archaic machine compared to the computers of today with color screens that can play 4K and HD contents. Technology is empowering because it makes us powerful by helping us to do more in less time. Computers are also used do more difficult and repetitive tasks with ease. For example, when I was in high school I had to type a twenty page essay on a manual type- writer. What I hated the most was when I had to add or delete letters, words, punctuations, and citations. It was excruciatingly time consuming, and I distinctly remember using plenty of white-out. Despite all the inconveniences, I did submit the paper in time and got a good grade. 
    With more powerful computers and ever-advancing technology, we should have plenty of time to spare. However, that has not been the case. It feels as though we have less time than ever before. Time is our greatest commodity. Everyone has a set amount of time, and when we run out, there is nothing in our power to extend it. So what happened to all the time that was promised to us? Why is it that having all the latest gadgets makes my life busier and unfulfilled?
    A better question to ask is, “Did technology help me to get closer to God?” or “Do gadgets help me to get closer to Christ?” If our primary goal is to know God and experience Him, then even the gadgets and tools should be used to preserve our precious commodity so that we can spend our time pursuing that which is most precious to us. You and I have to realize that success in anything, even when wanting a closer walk with God, does not come with convenience. Don’t buy he latest must-haves to make life better; achieving milestones takes effort. Don’t be fooled by the commercials. Remember, technology isa tool. Don’t worship technology! It’s just a means to an end.
Two thousand years ago in a town called Nazareth, there was no electricity, running water, laundry machines, TV, or internet. Life was simple and physically challenging. Let’s take laundry for example. How tough it must have been to wash clothes by hand! It was hard to get water, and it was difficult to move the clothes around in a wash tub. Try doing laundry by hand for a couple hours a day. You would be physically fit, but exhausted! I’m not encouraging you to throw away modern conveniences, but remember that the greatest spiritual event took place during that time. It was a perfect time for the Messiah. We must prioritize and focus on Jesus. Notice that technology becomes out-dated quickly. However, the Gospel has never needed an update, has never needed an upgrade, has never become out-of-fashion, has never become obsolete, and has never needed repair…not once. 

“Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith..”
Heb. 12:2