Web Ministries

Church is reaching to the world through the marvels of technology. Church is connecting to members. Members are connecting to members.


How can you get involved: 

  • Send us Pictures
  • Write articles
  • Update your ministries with the latest activities
  • Link to our church website

From the website ministries:

  • New section on the Westale website landing page: “From our member”. Please feel free to send articles for review and publishing to webmaster@westvalesda.org. We hope you will enjoy the current article, Larry’s poem  “Stones or Gardens”
  • We encourage the other ministries to use the website to make their activities known and spread God’s word. You can publish articles, events or even have your own newsletter. For more info send an email at webmaster@westvalesda.org
  • Help needed! We need you to participate in editing and maintaining the various sections of our website. Our website is using a CMS (Content Management System) which allows users without prior programming experience to add or edit website content. Training and support will be provided. For more info send an email at webmaster@westvalesda.org
  • The next project for the web ministries is to build a “diversity” page. Please support this initiative with your articles at webmaster@westvalesda.org.
  • Graphic artists!  Your contributions are welcomed. We want to have pleasant and attractive website.
  • Our mailbox is always open! webmaster@westvalesda.org

For any of these please contact: webmaster