We are so glad that you are here! Whether you are already a member of our faith community, a resident of Central New York, visiting the area, or just happend to stumble across our website, it is our hope and desire that you will find, in the presence and ministry of our community, a safe place to learn, seek, and grow in your spiritual journey.

OUR MISSION: Led by the Holy Spirit, we the family of the Westvale Seventh-Day Adventist Church commit to a growing personal friendship with Jesus Christ, so that we may share the joy of our experience with others in an ever widening circle. We will reflect His love through our union, fellowship, service, and worship!

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Sunset Schedule
For: Syracuse, NY
8:39 PM Jul 20, 2018 (Sabbath Starts)
8:38 PM Jul 21, 2018 (Sabbath Ends)

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